Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lexi's Birthday

Saturday the 23rd of August was lexi's 2nd birthday!!! we really celebrated it all month but we had our own little party for her at the Myan with just our family and Ezra brandon's cousin from new zealand joined us too! it was fun to watch the divers and see the kids and Ezra's reaction. we had front row! she got shoes shoes shoe!s! lexi loves shoes so we gave her lots of play shoes and Gampi and Gami gave her a 2 pair of play shoes and a dress up dress. it was a fun birthday! she also really wanted trucks, so we got her a couple harley motorcycles. funny girl, trucks and shoes! Happy Birthday Lexi we love you so much. (notice payton loved her shoes too)

Jack Johnson

just a picture of the lovey dovey couples that was by us! oh how sweet! (above left)

For Brandon's birthday way back in May I gave him tickets to Jack Johnson. We were able to go last monday the 18th of August. What a fun date. It was so fun to just sit and people watch. People are so funny, they were either drunk, high, or just totally off the wall in love! I had to take pictures of some of the lovey dovey couples right next to us. We also got a few shirts for our little family. It's funny how much we missed the kids, but for sure it wasn't a place for them. We love you Jack, but your fans are halarious! This was the first concert i've been to that the whole thing was sold out, or 25,000 fans! crazy not a spot left open. we were all very cozy. I have a few picts of the concert and the kids when they got their shirts, they loved them! oh and noctice how giant i am getting! i'm so already getting uncomfortable.

Island Park, Idaho

hey ya'll just updating on our summer trips. We are so lucky to have a cabin up in Island Park, Idaho. we are able to go up about every three weeks. this last time we went up with Brandon's family and stayed up there a week. we had so much fun, boating, swimming, fourwheeling, fishing, and going to West Yellowstone. Payton caught his very first fish ever all by himself! I surfed behind the boat with out a rope (yes i still surf and wakeboard being pregnant!) and we just had lots of fun relaxing and being goofey! Here are a few pictures for your pleasure to give you an idea of what we did. We also had the pleasure of having Brandon's cousin from New Zealand stay with us for the trip. (he's the one with "orange" hair) that's at least what he calls it. it was so fun to learn more about where Brandon's family is from and we all loved hearing his accent. thanks Ezra for keeping us entertained!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

WE'RE having a...

hey everybody!!! we found out on monday what we are going to be having. i really wanted to wait until the baby. But my sweet Brandon couldn't wait to know, and neither could any of my friends. so i caved and found out. we are lucky enough to have another wonderful baby BOY! yeah we are so excited and happy. we would be happy either way but i think brandon's really happy cuz we are building up that football team!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sweet Lexi!

Here are some cute pictures of Lexi that were taken yesterday! We love this sweet girl...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

gotta check this out...

hey everybody you have to check out my bro.-in-laws website out!!! it's pretty sweet. he's a pro. graphic designer and does lots of free-lance work. tell everyone you know that may need work done, or just wanna check out a cool website. it is...