Monday, March 30, 2009

my big 25

Brandon and Me in archibalds resturant
my favorite kind of gorgious flowers from brandon!

my cute pedicure ( you want flower?)

just one of the piggies at gardner village petting zoo

Gami helping the kids walk across the street at gardner village

lexi and payton helping me blow out the candles

Lexi, Me, Mom, and Megan

megan, aiden, liam, and tyson

the five of us briggs, payton, lexi, brandon, and me

aiden and liam eating their dinner

me just finished fan-tab-u-lous dinner

my yummy fudge chocolate cake made by mom

for my birthday most of my family was out of town so we were able to celebrate it on thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. we had pizza with chris, cassie, and conner thursday, friday we went to iggy's sports grill with brandon's parents and Madi, and saturday my mom came to my step class with me, then took me to get a nice relaxing pedicure, later we went to a delicous place called archibalds for dinner at gardner village! we shopped and looked at giant pigs and cute little animals. my mom, sister-in-law (megan), brother (tyson) and 2 nephews came with us. we had so much fun (thanks guys for coming) then on sunday my mom made me a super fabulous dinner and delightful birthday cake. it was just me, mom, payton, lexi, and briggs.(dad in hawaii and brandon in detroit). my two kids sang all by themselves for me! it was so sweet. and then today (monday (my actual birthday))my BFF Sigrid came over with yummy lunch and I went and got a 2 hour massage and went swimming with lexi and patyon and my other BFF Beth, her 3 kids and her husband ken. Brandon sent me my favorite flowers for my birthday morning suprise. they are so beautiful!!! thanks babe. i can't thank everyone enough for a fabulous birthday! thanks guys my big 25 couldn't be any better! love ya'll.

Friday, March 27, 2009

gReEn with EnVy...

Beth, Maren, Siggy, and Briggs
playing skipbo siggy, beth, mikey, and elliecousin Jakey
Maren and Ellie


Brandon and Briggs (poor sport, the only one not in green brandon!)

Maren and Briggs

Siggy and Briggs

Siggy, Beth, Sadie, Mikey, and Ellie

Beth and Sadie

Ken resting up for his late night shift at work

Ken, Beth, and Sadie

Lexi, Maeli, Kenny, and Payton

yes a bit late but here are some pics of our fun GREEN day! Yes my favorite holiday is st. patty's day so we really take it to the extreme. Green food all day long, and if it's not green we put food coloring in it. so green poopies for the next few days. ((TMI)too much information?) we really have had fun keeping up the green tradition sense we've been married. I know it was a weird adjustment for Brandon, but seriously who doesn't love the 17th of March!? We had our best friends over for dinner and then we had siggy come over too!& you can't come over to our house without playing games!!! we later had 2 of our nephews and one niece come over to play. thanks guys for eating green just for me!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

my soap box...


okay so not to be totally depressing right now, i just needed to vent for a sec on bodies. well this last week i really worked hard at exercising and did great totally lost 1\2 inch on each of my arms, and almost a whole inch on my thighs. so ya that is totally rockin' dope, but then it comes down to the eating. blah!!! really that stinks i have such a bad strength when it comes to making good eating choices. oh man why does food have to be so fabulously delicous?! oh stink, it is super hard for me. i just wish that everything was bland and yucky, but NO it has to be scrumpcious and sugary. okay so really like i have said before "in my world everyone will eat rainbows and poop butterflies" then we won't stuggle with the food dilema. super!!! really i'm super in love with my step class and I LOVE TO EXERCISE but man it doesn't pay off when i eat like an elephant who loves food. so that comes back to body image. who's the one to decide what we should look like? i mean i'm all for being healthy. well darn it all, i'm stumped with my struggle. any ideas? now i'll step off my soap box and go back to being good ole happy me! holla ya'll!!!