Monday, November 24, 2008

Dad...look at how cute we are!

Dad, we miss you when you are in Denver. But here are a few pics from our day!

All dressed up to go to the Gateway!

Silly girl won't keep her eyes open for pics!

Handsome dude!

Mom and Lex sharing giggles!

Siggy and Payt lookin' cute!

Time to pull all the books out and read!

Love my books!

Friday, November 21, 2008

FiRe StAtIoN

Today for our little playgroup we were able to go tour the Bountiful fire station. It was a fun little adventure. Payton and Lexi weren't too sure about it when we first got there but they soon warmed up to the whole idea! they sat in the HUGE fire truck and got cool little fire hats. We were so amazed at the hard work these people do for us. We learned that when they put on all their gear it weighs over 80 lbs. and it's like over 19 degrees hotter or something like that. We are so grateful for all they do for us the EMT's and Fire fighters are true heros! We are so happy they are there for us. They had to help payton when he was one. they came to our rescue after he stopped breathing and had a seizure. he road in the ambulance then and they got us to the hospital safely. That wasn't very fun at the time but today was a fun experience seeing the inside of the ambulance and fire trucks. We also saw an original 1919 fire truck, it still works and everything! after we were able to play at the park called fireman's park. It was a fun day. We love our playgroup!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


my sweet little monkey GIRL Lexi. I emphasize GIRL because even with her flower and tutu people still called her a "cute little boy" come on i know she has a girl face, right?
Payton and Lexi were both monkies for Halloween, we let them choose and they both chose the same thing. Their cousins Emma and Avery came trick-or-treating with us and they were a princess and butterfly. we went around gami and gampi's new neighborhood in Kaysville.
Notice the dark hair? no it's not a wig (my dad thought it was) i really am dark now. i decided to die my hair Halloween and not just for the holiday. i still look in the mirror and have to take a second look cuz i'm not use to that person in the mirror.
oh man i look like a pumpkin! only a bit more to go until little baby boy is born! i can't wait!


hey ya'll you need to check out our other blog.

we have a job transfer and need to move to Denver. our cute little home is for sale and any help in selling it would be fabulous! it's a tough market out there right now and we know money is super tight for many, but we are willing to work with people on the selling of our home. we really don't want to leave the area, but it's kinda a need to keep a job! so please pass it along and make sure to check out the blog:

thanks love you all! oh and i'll update the house picture soon. it had just finished melting snow and so the yard doesn't look as nice as usual.