Thursday, January 29, 2009

good news and bad...

Great news we are NOT moving to Denver anymore, bad news Brandon lost his job. but on the up side of that no more traveling every week and yes he did get a new job. same thing just located here at home not another state. and we are glad our prayers were answered and we know we are blessed. so i guess it all worked out for the best. staying close to our family and friends and still making some money$$$. so can't complain. we're gonna be okay! love ya'll ;0)

the littlecrow collection...

hey everyone just letting you know one of my very talented brothers and sister-in-laws just launched their own clothing line for babies and toddlers. you HAVE to check out their blogs. seriously great quality hand made shoes and ties. megan made briggs some darling little shoes and tyson made him a fabulous tie. really you won't find these goods any where else and they are made with a lot of love and thought. please check it out and tell everyone you know!
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

2008 to the new year 2009

pose girlies! lexi and cousin avery
lexi hiding eating treats behind the tree, but i caught her! sshhh!
hmmm... what card next kiersten make your move already!
brandon really did have fun just worn out from traveling LOTS
lexi had a fun full night (sleeping in the car)
i can do midnight after that i'm beat (sleepy payton in the car)
oooh supermodel dave playing x-box and posing how talented!
i think i ate to many treats. most got in my mouth not just my face! yum yum yummy (payton)
instead of midnight kiss lets blow horns in each other's face! (dave and kiersten)
hmm... what card should i play next?
                                                    HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2009

hey just wanted to add a few pics i missed from the holidays. we spent new years eve at my sister in laws house in provo. the boys played x-box all night the kids were crazy and ran around and the girls played skipbo the best card game ever! and sad to say kiersten was the best all time player of 2008,  we played one last game before midnight to see whoever won, and she did so she was named best player of 2008, but i have this year!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

update...lots of pictures

just relaxing outside on mommy's lap. what a warm nice day.ahh... how nice.
today was such a beautiful day we had to take advantage and go outside! Briggs was so cozy and loved being in the fresh air and sunlight.

my sleeping little guy. he is such a great baby sleeps eats and is happy. just how i like 'em.
baby briggs laying in the sun on gampi's bed. sorry buddy but we have too.

we have to put baby Briggs in the sun without clothes on so the kids were making sure he was okay. how sweet they are with him.

Payton is so amazing at putting puzzles together by himself. he did this one at gami's house. good job buddy you're so smart!

bath time at gami's new house in her nice big tub!

Lexi's first real hair cut. Gami cut it for her. she was so good!

we went to Rhodzio Grill with grandma and grandpa Metcalfe & mommy and daddy before Briggs was born.
payton's first time roller skating! he did great. mom had to help a little bit.

lexi wasn't too sure about santa but after she saw payt with him, she had to see santa.

payton does like santa this year he wasn't scared at all!

3 of my adorable sister-in-laws and baby braxton at classic skating.

mommy and payt playing around taking pictures of themselves. say cheese!
christmas day can really make you sleepy! tuckered out lexi.

daddy was out of town in Denver for our christmas eve party so we called him on the phone to tell him we love him and missed him. payt looks so grown up talking on the phone.

cousin izzy. she was born in Sept. she was the last baby born before Briggs. she made it 16 grand kids. isn't she so stinkin cute. what a butterball. we love her.

opening presents from grandma metcalfe.

opening presents from grandma metcalfe.

christmas eve jammies made by aunt staci. ya you try and get all 16 kids to look at you at once and smile!
poor little girl she got a big bump on her head. it really hurt her. look how sad.

we went to Gardner village to see the elve displays and Christmas decorations. brrr... it was cold
playing dress ups princess and dragon
payton & lexi after our crazy attack mommy snowball fight
payton and mommy playing in the snow

mommy and lexi playing in the snow
eating oreo's and building our fort under the table while daddy is gone.
hey everyone sorry it has been SO LONG sense i last updated. as you might already know i have been super busy with our new little angel Briggs. he was born only 5 days ago and has changed so much. he just gets cuter and cuter every day. i was really hurting in pain for the last 2 months and so i would do things and get super tired and hurt and not want to do anything. that is my reasoning for not updating. i know simple, get on the computer, but really i was too lazy to even do that. we did have a fabulous Christmas and new years and can't complain about any of it. I did have to go to the hospital Christmas night but it all was good and i was sent home on morphine. yes a fun and spacey evening. ;0) on Christmas eve we did the Hayes family tradition and went to classic skating and roller skated and played on the big blow up toys. that was so much fun for the kids and for us. Santa even stopped by! Payton roller skated for his very first time and did great. and I being just about 9 months prego did the HOKI POKI with the whole family! it was so great and very embarrassing but fun. we also did a Metcalfe family picture of all the grand kids. Crazy, try getting 16 kids to all smile and behave at the same time. hmmm... impossible. but it sure was neat to see all the kids together. (Briggs made 17) 12 of the grand kids are all under the age of 3! and we have at least one more on the way that we know of. wow we have sure grown the family in the last 3 years!
well lets see what have we been doing sense last i wrote. the kids and I try to stay busy each day with Brandon gone we try and find fun things to do to keep us occupied. we have had snow ball fights, built forts under our table,played dress-ups, played make-up and just got the house ready for the new little guy. Lexi did get a few bumps and bruises. but all in all we had fun.
oh ya i also finally quit spankys after 9 years. it's official i am no longer an employee of my favorite and very first job. it is sad, but i made so many wonderful friends there.
i have felt like I've been a bum of a mom cuz of the stinkin' pain i had, so i tried to at least do one thing here and there to entertain the kids. other than that i was a lazy couch mommy. but i do have to tell you i have had so much love and support from my family and ward. wow how everyone pulled through. i can't thank everyone enough. the meals, the phone calls, just the love i have felt from all of you, thanks.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Briggs Justin Metcalfe

Briggs was born on the 9th. He was 7lb 3oz 20inch. Him and mom are very healthy. Mom is a proffessional baby pusher. (this is Brandon posting this one). The baby was out in one and a half pushes.