Tuesday, July 29, 2008

east canyon trip

okay i just had to add a few fun pictures of our little boating day trip up at East Canyon. My Bro. brock was in town from california so we took him, his friend kevin, and 3 of payt and lexi's cousins. we surfed, wakeboarded, and swam all day. what a fun time. We are so blessed to be able to take our boat out and enjoy nature and all the fun lakes around us whenever we want!

Pioneer day

Hey everybody! we have been so busy playing and being super crazy! we had so much fun on the 24th of July we went to the bountiful Parade, saw fireworks, and played with Gami and Gampi. What a fun day here are a few funny pictures of our day. Plus i added some of our favorite floats and characters from the parade.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


so today me and the little ones were playing outside just riding bikes and laughing. Well i had to run inside to grap something. I came back out and a creepy white van with NO windows pulled up and was watching my kids. it totally freaked me out. Well i kept my eyes on the van pumped up the tire on my jogger stoller got the kids in and went on a walk. As we were walking the van started to kind of follow us, finally he turned on the corner that we were turning on, so i stopped and watched him pull up and park next to a curb were a little boy was playing by himself and the smart little boy looked at him and ran inside. I was on the phone with my mom and she told me to get the license plate #, which i am blind as a bat with being prego. so unfortunately i couldn't get the plate# so i started to try and get closer and i think he noticed i was on the phone and sped away. Totally scary huh! well me and my smart thinking we got home pretty fast after that, and the mailman happened to be dropping off mail so i told him to keep his eye out for the creepy white van with NO windows!!! so i hope he saw him and got the plate #. just goes to show how much scarier the world is becoming. Dang creepy people leave our kids alone!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

random pictures of my family and friends

my family went to cali to visit my bro. tyson to go to the blessing of his and megans new little one Liam. the rest of the pictures are just fun ones. the two people standing by the B is my bro-in-law and sister-in-law chris and cassie posing for my "yearbook".

pictures i promised...

We went to disneyland with our friends kenny and maeli

Saturday, July 19, 2008

thanks to siggy

yeah siggy thanks for the fun picts. that's totally little lexi being "gangsta" and a funny close up picture of payt and of course a darling picture of me and payt at the rec. center in bountiful our 2nd home! anyone else have pics i can add please email them to me. marena13@hotmail.com

Hee Hee!

I am not sure if Maren purposely added me to be a "contributor" to her blog but I thought I would take advantage of the situation! I mean come on...we all only want to read her blog to see pictures of Payton and Lexi! Fortunately, I had some on my Mac...it's totally fly! Enjoy!


try to figure it out...

hey everyone it's fun to see that people actually are reading my blog. i am still learning so much on how to use this program so like i said before this is gonna be kinda boring until i figure how to use it better. if anyone has suggestions to make it better and how to update it with fun stuff and how to link up to other blogs that would be nice. thanks guys!!!
Oh ya Payton road his big boy bike over a mile today!!! we are so proud of him. he was so excited to do it too. we also bought his first helmet for his bike i have pictures but still havn't gotten them on my compt. so i'll work on that!

Friday, July 18, 2008

first timer

this is totally new for me and my family, but i figure everyone else does it to keep up on each other so what the heck.
i hope this all comes out the right way!
We are doing super great. payton is 3 years old now and lexi will turn 2 in aug. kinda crazy. they are just growing up so fast. we are expecting another little bundle of joy in january (praying the end of dec.)
Brandon is still doing the J.K. Harris tax job. he is still traveling to Denver and loving it. (i hope)
I am thinking of going to apply for a job a this darling baby store here in Bountiful. Sassy Babies.
I mean with soon to be 3 kids any extra $$$ and a discount on baby stuff how cool would that be!
I for sure am going back to Spankys when school starts. I just needed the summer off to play and swim and go boating with my fam.
Hmmm... not really sure what else is new or anything exciting going on.
oh i do have to say check out my friends blog she went on this awful date with a loser from centervill. I don't think she'll ever date again after him! okay kidding about that part but it's pretty funny. siggypoo.blogspot.com check it out for a good laugh.
well that's just about it for now. i'll Try and keep up on this blogging business to let everyone know what's up. and i should get some pictures posted soon, i just need to upload some to my computer!
love ya'll