Wednesday, February 18, 2009

super girls to the rescue

super chick and wonder flower
wonder flower hiding her true identity
super chick trying on wonder flowers mask
super chick in her true setting
auntie sigrid gave the kids some dorky but cute hats from IKEA for valentines, well my little flower girl was so upset that I didn't have a hat and mask on, so to please her I put on the chick hat and she loved it. We decided to be super girls. we were cracking up and had fun taking pictures. brandon came home from work and i greeted him with a big smile in my secret identity
da ta ta da! off to save the world!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

for my vALeNtInE

I am thinking it's a sign that the frecklesIn our eyes are mirror images and when We kiss they're perfectly aligned And I have to speculate that God himself Did make us into corresponding shapes likePuzzle pieces from the clay (a few lines from one of our songs "such great heights")

We Are Man And Wife:

All the things you are to me Darling you have set me free I'll always give you what you need and what you deserve All the joy and all this love I know that it is from above and now together there is enough to fill this world Cause you are the love of my life you are the love of my life and we are man and wife Of all the things that you will do Yet now I'm standing next to you Darling I will see you through the rest of our lives With you beside me I am one I'm glad I've waited for so long there is no doubt that you are the one for me Cause you are the love of my life you are the love of my life There'll be times and there'll be things but everything is going to be fine now your in my life So I give you my heart and soul It's yours to take where ever you go and through the years you'll always know it's yours to keep God has blessed this sacred vow and angels high above look down they see the two of us have found the perfect love Cause you are the love of my life Yeah you are the love of my life and we are man and wife
(our song by Michelle Featherstone)

i have been thinking and thinking of something sweet to give my sweet honey and i have been stumped so here is a tribute to him, and reasons I love him...

-Brandon I love you so much it's retarted.

-you are my night in shining armor and my one true love.
-I was born to tell you "I love you".
-You are my best friend and my hero.

-You have been the best thing to ever happen to me.
-I know how lucky I am to have you in my life and am so grateful we can spend eternity together.
-Wow my kids are so lucky to have the coolest and best daddy in the whole world.

-You are an angel from heaven.
- I don't know where I would be today without your love and support and I have to thank you a million times for that.

-I love you to the moon and back a million-trillion times.
-Your smile and eyes light up my life (cheesey, maybe, but totally true)

-I love your sense of humor. (u have to have one to be with me,right?!)

-I love that you can be goofy and silly with me and the kids.

-I love how forgiving you are.

-You're so unselfish and thoughtful

-I love that you have a sensitive side but your still such a man.

-I love how you love the gospel and have a testimony of christ

-I love that you sacrifice your time each day to work and provide for our family.

-I love that you'll play games with me

-I love that you'll watch sappy movies

-I love that you love me for me even though i'm NOT perfect.

-I love that you are our kids hero.

-I love that you take the kids to give me a break (most men don't do that for their wives)

-I love that my parents love you! ;0)

-I love how you make me giggle and laugh.

-I love that you're just you.

-Babe to put it simple I LOVE YOU!!!

Happy Valentines day.

just some pics...

mommy and baby briggs
my cute BIG boy
darling girl in a fabulous hat made by gegma!
you leave a 2 1\2 yr old and a 3 1\2 yr. old alone for 2 mins and look what happens
after first real bath at home
i'm super happy he's here, by the look of his face i don't know how he feels...
he looks chubby from this angle but he is still super tiny skinny!
grandma kathy metcalfe holding new born briggs

here are some random pics of my kids and family and stuff.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

latest craze...

okay so i know i'm not caught up w\ the latest thing, but i've just added myself to facebook. (well my mom did for me) crazy how many people you find on it! like my whole senior class is on it. kinda fun. so if you love blogging and like me are behind on the craze join facebook. i'll be your friend, maren andersen metcalfe! check it out.