Tuesday, April 7, 2009

backyard adventures...

just happy to be outside in the nice sun
baby swing in front of our apricot tree (I just liked the bright colors and pretty flowers)
draggin' her blankie around the yard
loves climbing fences and dog runs...
she dragged out the carseat herself and got her blankie and chilled
cute hands
better view of how big the hat is
too big of a hat on a cute little face!
we love to play ball
say cheese!
PB&J face mixed with dirt!

today was such a beautiful hot sunny day! we decided to go in our awesome backyard and pull devil weeds. The kids loved being out in the sun for hours. while I pricked and cut myself with super giant thorny trees the kids ran, played on the swing, and played in the dirt! They had so much fun getting stinky. I worked extra hard on trying to get our poor overgrown backyard ready for this spring and summer BBQs and just plain backyard adventureous fun! We spend hours sometimes all day back there swimming and running around. I brought Briggs out there for his first time. He loved just sittin' in his swing and laying in the warmth of the sun. I tried putting a hat on him, but his poor little head was too small to even fit a 0-3 month hat. (He didn't get the Metcalfe head like my other 2 kiddies) It was still super cute though. I couldn't help but take tons of pictures of him! I also got a few others of payt and lexi. we were so happy to have a beautiful spring day to take advantage of!


Ken & Beth Howard said...

I was out pulling weeds all day too...oh what fun!=) Briggs is so dang cute. I could just eat your kids up...watch out!

Montana Brandts said...

That is so fun! We have been out enjoying the sun in the backyard too, but I am not as good as you at taking pictures... I forget things a lot these days! We should get together and play before we move it would be fun! It has been a while! And, I wish I could come this Friday but it's my best friends bridal shower this friday too! I am bumming out cuz I have heard awesome things about Modbe! If they have a catalog or something I would love one!! Oh, and I don't know how much older Brandon is than you... but "yes" I married an OLD man! I make fun of him all the time! He is 6 years older than me!! Hahahaha!!

Jeff and Bridgette said...

Oh my goodness oh my goodness!!!!!! Briggs is sooooo cute!! Look at that smile. He looks so much like Jake it's crazy!!! I hope you know how much I just love your guts!! You always make me smile.

Amy said...

I pulled a few weeds myself yesterday. It sucked, and now my fingers are all scratched up!

Tina, Kurt & Paisley said...

These are some great pictures. I love the new website. I want to come get some of those fabric bows from you. Never can have enough!