Friday, August 14, 2009

quick update...

Payton riding his bike for the 1st time without training wheels
Briggs and Gami @ Payton's birthday June 10 2009
Brandon, Lexi, Brigss, and Payton swimming (briggs 1st pool time)
Auntie Madi in California May 2009
lexi and payt in Idaho @ anutie micah's house

Hey ya'll okay so here I am making a quick update.
besides my new "other" blog ( here's what's new with us:
*we moved from Bountiful to West Kaysville
*Briggs is now 7 months old, Super happy and healthy
*Payton is starting preschool in about a week or so. He's 4 now. He rides a 2-wheeler by himself
*Lexi starts tumbling and dance in sept. she's 3 on aug. 23rd
*Brandon works for his good friend doing bankruptcy cases and taxes (Carr & Pew Law)
*I start working for Davis school district being a teachers aid on fridays for a few hours on fridays @ farmington elemantry
*We spent 8 amazing days at our cabin in Island Park Idaho in June
*We are about to celebrate our 5th ann. in Sept.
*We're all alive, happy, and super blessed!

Well that's the update, sorry not much detail. I added a few picts to show how our summers been. busy and full of adventure! love you all and i'll try and do better posting.
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Tina, Kurt & Paisley said...

oh my gosh! that is the cutestpicture of Payton and Lexi. They look like they just walked out of a movie.