Tuesday, January 12, 2010


hey ya'll wow i'm super bad at this blog thing. i REALLY need to update it! in due time, i promise!
we have moved to west kaysville, brandon has a new job, briggs just turned one, and i have been put into young womens. there a quick update. i'll post pictures and such sooner then later!


Montana Brandts said...

Woa, I can't believe Briggs is one already! That is crazy!! How are you liking West Kaysville? I bet you are loving the Young Women, that would be a fun calling! And, I hope Brandon likes his new job!! It has been forever I hope all is well with all of you!!

Loni said...

Life in a nutshell, or "there went another year of life."

Megan said...

Um it's been over a year. You are KILLING me.